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  • Keep Your Stuff Safe! How To Protect Your Items In Self Storage

    Perhaps you are one of the millions of Americans who use self storage to manage household possessions. These facilities are convenient and affordable, and if you have a unit, then you understand how beneficial they can be in reducing clutter around your home. However, you may not realize that your personal possessions may be in […]

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  • Keeping Food Waste Contained: Why You Should Consider A Commercial Trash Compactor

    Food service businesses are often faced with trash disposal dilemmas because of the volume of waste generated and the cost of disposal. When you work in an industry that produces a lot of food waste, you need to be aware of the inherent risk of rodent attraction and the odors generated by it. If you […]

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  • 4 Potentially Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid During On-Site Welding Jobs

    As part of your job, you travel around to different work sites to provide on-site welding as a courtesy to the customers. Because you are traveling and working with highly explosive gas tanks, electrical equipment, and extreme heat, you need to take extra care to avoid injury. Below are four potentially mistakes to avoid during […]

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  • Get Wired…Safely! An Introduction To Wire Railing And Safety Considerations

    Wire railing, sometimes called cable railing, is a sleek option to traditional wooden railing that is often used on decks. It can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer, provided that the proper preparations are made and safety guidelines are followed. Learn more about wire railing and how you can get started on installing it safely in […]

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  • Reusing Versus Recycling Corporate Electronics

    Reusing corporate electronics involves donating computers and other equipment to an organization that will put them to use. Electronics recycling, on the other hand, refers to the process of dismantling (de-manufacturing) the components of your devices into their raw materials. Which is best for your business? Corporate Security A survey conducted by CSO determined that […]

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  • Homemade And Handsome: The Yarn-Crafter’s Guide To Manly Knit & Crocheted Gifts

    Nothing says love like a beautifully handcrafted gift. As a knitter or crocheter, a few special considerations can help you create a present that the man in your life will use, enjoy and remember you by. Fun projects for the little guys on your gift list might include a baby-blue blanket or bright-colored, fuzzy-yarn slippers. […]

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Trends in Technology

What are the experts saying about technology trends? If you can more accurately predict where a market is headed, you can save yourself money and get the best it has to offer.

Jobs Being Replaced

You might think that low-paying, low-expertise jobs are going to be weeded out the most quickly, but that's actually not the case. Learn what to expect for the labor market when it comes to technology.

Cars, Phones, etc

We've been hearing about cars that run on water and solar power for years, but what can we actually expect in the near future when it comes to technology for consumer items?